Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Life As It Is

I think you deserve to know why I have suddenly disappeared off the blogging universe.

Well, all thirteen followers who may or may not have been wondering where I am!  I have been on summer vacation, meaning not at school.  Woo-hoo!

Summer vacation is and has and will always be a wonderful thing, that is, until they someday decide to cut it from America's school system entirely and give us two week breaks every now and then (psh, I'll be graduated by the time this awful action takes place).

No homework, no tests, no deadly exams, no teachers, much less stress.  Summer is a beautiful, beautiful thing.  So, you'd think I'd have more time to blog, right?

EERRR!  (That was my game show buzzing sound, in case you didn't pick that up.)  No summer, means dial-up internet connection.  AND WE AIN' DOIN' NONE OF THAT.

Don't fret, I am still taking the time to read all of your beautiful, lovely blogs from my cellular device that has an internet connection.  I check about 20 trillion times a day, because that's how much free time I have on my hands.  Now, I know what you're thinking.  Saria, you dimwit, why not just blog from your phone?

Well, chum.  Blogging from my phone is very displeasing and takes about ten years to type.  This is sososososo much more enjoyable.

Now, without further adoooo...

PHOTOS!  Not just any old We Heart It photos either!  Nope!  I took these!

Here is a collection of recent photos of my little sister, Sydney.  Who is three years old and very beautiful.

Monday, June 20, 2011


The heart wants what the heart wants, I suppose.

I really am a piece of work.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Look Back

Gravity pulls me down,
And my eyes become so dry.
Lost in accelerating love
That can't pick up speed to fly.

My heart,
It bends and breaks for you,
And it's so torn up,
So ripped to shreds.

Lips so crisp with a soul so sharp
Spit out "I'm not yours."
Heart as hard as stone
Doesn't flinch and carries on.

Yet every so many miles,
I look back to the one I love
And the pain in my chest
Becomes apparent.

Too young to know what love is,
To hold it in my hands.
Too young to know true heartache,
Yet it lingers where I stand.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Power of a Storm.

She sings her last verse.
His eyes speak "Fall apart, baby."
She's trembling with her words,
Just trying to continue her singing.

The moon is hanging by a single string,
Ready to fall upon them...
But they aren't searching for the light of the moon.
They seek the glow of the stars.

Storm clouds collect,
Ever so powerfully.
Rain, rain.
Rain, rain.

Their love is a mess,
Like her unbrushed hair.
A beautiful disaster.
A broken happily ever after.

"Fall apart, baby."
He holds out his arms.
"I'll hold the pieces, baby."
But she will not be broken.

She crashes to the floor,
No love left for me.
I won't fall again.
It's never meant to be.

His footsteps fade,
And her heart hardens.
But their song,
It never ends.

"Fall apart, baby. I'll love you forever."

"You cannot fix me, baby. Never."

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Melting away my fears.

Love confuses me, and though I'm still young, I don't know if this heart and mind will ever let me find it.

Someone, please explain to me this one thing. What causes you to fall in love with someone? What sets a person away from all the others, and what keeps you with them long enough to fall completely, head over heels in love with them?

It cannot be lust, there is something that makes the heart jump with a certain person. Must I wait for the answers until I've found my piece of love? I don't know if I can handle the aching of not knowing until then.

Monday, June 6, 2011

He changed his mind, but that's alright.

They always do.