Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm really just in a terrible mood.  I need some cookies.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Life at the moment.

Oh, my.

Oh my oh my oh my.  I have neglected my blog for so very long.  I apologize, greatly, to all thirteen of you who follow me.  It has been a very, very busy summer.  I haven't had much access to a computer, and when I do, my time is so rushed.  I can't sit down and let all my thoughts move my fingers across the keys to create a decent blog post.

However, school will be back in session Tuesday.  This means my life will contain structure once again and I will also have daily access to a computer!  Yay!

This summer has most certainly been a beautiful and inspiring one.  I've made a lot of discoveries about myself, my religious beliefs, my relationships with other people, what I'm good at, etc.  It brings me a great peace of mind and I am so happy to be starting school in such a good state.