Tuesday, October 25, 2011


  I want to know why we define beauty as waist and breast size, how well her concealer covers her flaws, how soft and shiny her hair is, how tight her clothes fit or how much money she has to spend on them.  That's not beauty.  That will never be beauty.  Forget what society tells you, forget what those stupid meat head jerks say to each other, forget all of it.  Beauty is a state of fucking mind.  The way you walk is beautiful, the way you handle yourself is beautiful, the way you cry when no one is looking is beautiful.  Fuck, the way you cry when everyone is beautiful.  You are a beautiful human being.  You're extraordinary.  There is not one single person on this planet that thinks and acts like you do; embrace it.  Embrace your soft tummy.  Haven't you seen the famous paintings?  Girls aren't meant to be skin and bones!  Embrace that pimple on your forhead or that scar on your cheek.  You were born to be here, exactly as you are.  Fucking own it.

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